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swapping your blood with formaldehyde.


the main difference between commissions and requests is that i check in with you for commissions along the way and follow any ideas you have for what you want, and get it done within a month at the very most. requests i just go off a prompt of some kind and use my imagination! if you'd like to commission me, please specify this in your original comment. prices start at 50 points/$5.

samples are in this comm. i do profile codes, character lists, cr charts, navigation codes, and other misc codes. if you can think of it, i'll probably do it.

also a PERMANENT REQUEST POST. i do this on RPanons from time to time, but here it is in one place so i don't forget about it.

leave a comment with a color scheme, layout idea, or simple prompt. i'll make a muselist or cr chart or whatever based on it, and post it when i finish it -- which may be the same night or weeks after, depending on how well it goes and how much inspiration i have. i can't guarantee it'll turn out exactly how you want it, or what order i'll do them in, but i will do it! and once i'm done, i'll put it up in an entry in this comm.

if you want to commission icons or art, take a look over here.

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